Food sources of Alanine

These are the main sources of "Alanine" in rank. The values are mean nutrient values per 100 grams of the edible portion, based on USDA (US Department of Agricultural) National Nutrient Database

# foods values  
201. Beef, ground, 95% lean meat / 5% fat, patty, cooked, broiled 1.646 g
202. Beef, ground, 75% lean meat / 25% fat, crumbles, cooked, pan-browned 1.645 g
203. Chicken, broilers or fryers, wing, meat only, cooked, fried 1.645 g
204. Pork, fresh, leg (ham), shank half, separable lean only, cooked, roasted 1.643 g
205. Beef, ground, 93% lean meat / 7% fat, patty, cooked, broiled 1.641 g
206. Pork, cured, ham, center slice, country-style, separable lean only, raw 1.641 g
207. Fish, whitefish, eggs (Alaska Native) 1.640 g
208. Soy flour, full-fat, roasted 1.639 g
209. Chicken, capons, meat and skin and giblets and neck, cooked, roasted 1.637 g
210. Beef, ground, 90% lean meat / 10% fat, patty, cooked, broiled 1.634 g
211. Beef, ground, 97% lean meat /3% fat, patty, cooked, pan-broiled 1.633 g
212. KFC, Fried Chicken, EXTRA CRISPY, Wing, meat only, skin and breading removed 1.633 g
213. Chicken, broilers or fryers, meat and skin, cooked, fried, flour 1.632 g
214. KFC, Fried Chicken, ORIGINAL RECIPE, Wing, meat only, skin and breading removed 1.632 g
215. Pork, Shoulder breast, boneless, separable lean and fat, cooked, broiled 1.631 g
216. Turkey from whole, light meat, meat and skin, cooked, roasted 1.629 g
217. Turkey, all classes, light meat, cooked, roasted 1.629 g
218. Turkey, drumstick, from whole bird, meat only, roasted 1.629 g
219. Turkey, wing, from whole bird, meat only, roasted 1.629 g